Mt. Etna erupting, Feb 20, 2013I mentioned to a friend earlier this week that moment when you realize you’re in too deep. That is to say, on a given day, I had only managed three blog posts, and as a result was disappointed in myself.

Oh, good heavens, you know?

Sometimes the world just works that way. Sometimes we, as human creatures, simply work that way.

Naturally, then, one might expect that I’m fretting over a lack of productivity in the later days of the week, though in truth I decided to not let it get to me. My ISP suffered a complete service collapse in my area on Thursday, which lasted into Friday, and then on Friday there was a mix of impromptu celebration in personal matters and then a hockey game to watch with friends.

Antares hot fire test, Feb. 22, 2013Still, though, there was that nagging thought that I needed to be doing something else. Thus, as the evening grows late—and I’m not about to get anything useful done—some links to to enlighten, enrich, and hopefully entertain, and with a NASA theme:

• Check out the award-winning Student Mars Imaging Project, which allows aspiring young scientists to participate in JPL’s Martian research.

• Or take a peek at “Veggie”, which might herald the advent of farming in space.

Cassini is helping scientists take Saturn’s pulse, in order to solve a mystery about the solar system’s most famous ringed planet.

• NASA has announced its newest Mission Directorate, intended as ” a catalyst for the creation of technologies and innovation needed to maintain NASA leadership in space while also benefiting America’s economy.”

• A partnership with Orbital Sciences brings us a “hot fire” test of the Antares rocket AJ26 engines at Wallops Island.

• And get a glimpse of the Etna volcano’s outbursts this week.