Say Hello to Niijima

They call it ... NiijimaErik Klemetti last month noted one of those terrestrial phenomena we hear about but so rarely get to see:

We have an eruption like Surtsey occurring in the middle of the Pacific Ocean south of Japan. A new eruption at Nishino-shima has breached the surface and started to produce a small island (see above) of black volcanic tephra. The new island (being called Niijima) still looks small, with some reports putting the island at a cozy 200 meters (650 feet) across and 20 meters (65 feet) high — likely not something that would survive for long in the rough Pacific if it only grows to this size. The plume hasn’t been noticeable (at least to me) in any satellite imagery, but that could change some now that the island is above sea level. So far, there isn’t really any hazard for people who live near the remote island, but the Japanese Meteorological Agency has warned ships not to approach the crater . . . . The new vent is just off the shores of another small island and some of the stills included in the news report show those classic “rooster tail” eruptions that go with these Surtseyan eruptions (named after the aforementioned Iceland event).


One response to “Say Hello to Niijima

  1. Really cool Bri, I hadn’t heard anything about it. New life so to speak.

    On a sad note, I’m sure you know this already, Nelson Mandela died yesterday at the age of 95-27=68. I surely hope there is someone to take his place.

    On a happier note, see you tomorrow in Hawaii.

    Love Dad

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