Scale and Perspective: Challenging the Future

Todd Moss observes:

Moss: Africa vs FridgeI know I live an energy-intensive lifestyle. Americans on average use 13,395 kWh/year (IEA data for 2010), which is nearly three times what the typical South African uses and 100 times the average Nigerian. But I was still pretty shocked to see how my new single-family fridge compares with an average citizen in the six Power Africa countries.

There is an intersection, here, of politics and science; Moss, a senior fellow and vice president for programs at the Center for Global Development, is reflecting on Power Africa, a White House initiative to help African nations pursue universal access to electricity in under twenty years.

Setting aside the politics, though, Moss’ musing does present a rather striking point. And perhaps for the younger generations, the point is not to feel so guilty about first-world privilege, but to look forward to extending that life quality around the globe.