Aneuploidy and Natural Selection

Here is a paragraph to mull over:

Mis-segregation of cells (Image: Stefano Santaguida, Angelika Amon / MIT)Aneuploidy—the incorrect number of chromosomes in a cell—is extremely common in early embryos and is the primary reason for pregnancy loss. A report published today (April 9) in Science reveals that one cause of this aneuploidy—aberrant cell divisions in the embryo—is linked to a genetic mutation carried by the mother. Astonishingly, this mutation turns out to be very common and appears to have been under positive selection during human evolution.


Got nothin’ for this one. Not a clue in the world what sort of wise comment, wry twist, or bad joke goes here.


Image note: “Mis-segregation of cells”: (Image: Stefano Santaguida, Angelika Amon / MIT)

Williams, Ruth. “A Benefit of Failed Pregnancy?” The Scientist. 9 April 2015.